The Mission

One Child One Light's mission is to support every underprivileged child's right to education by giving a safe, clean and low cost study light.


Since 2002, Dr. Ranganayakulu Bodavala (Dr. Ranga), a Harvard alumnus and Founder President of THRIVE (an NGO working towards benefiting rural and tribal communities in Home Lighting, ICT, Education and Health using advanced and innovative technologies), has been passionately developing a series of LED based lighting solutions to address a range of home and institutional lighting needs of rural communities. Later in 2007, having found the need to manufacture a range of solar powered LED lighting solutions on a large scale Dr. Ranga founded Thrive Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd., which is now known as Thrive Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. One of the innovative solutions of Dr.Ranga for addressing the night study needs of children located in rural, semi-urban and off-grid geographies of the world is TET’s Accendo Study Light. This Light is a solar powered LED Light that is economical, robust, eco-friendly, safe, dependable, bright, portable and easily rechargeable. With the ambitious goal of propagating and ensuring that one Accendo Study Light of TET is in possession of every needy child in the developing nations, Dr.Ranga formed an action OCOL team and laid the foundation for the One Child One Light mission. One Child One Light is a Trust registered under the TRUST ACT of India.