The Initiative

The OneChildOneLight initiative is spearheaded by THRIVE which is a civil society organization, Thrive Solar Energy Pvt.Ltd., a company working in the renewable sector, and a team of highly motivated and committed individuals who have dedicated a major amount of their time, resources, and energy towards developmental programmes for rural and underprivileged communities.
In fulfilling the OneChildOneLight mission, the OCOL team has adopted a two pronged approach:
  1. Sensitize-Spread awareness on the problems faced by school and college going children due to the use of kerosene/fossil fuel powered lamps as well as educate on the benefits of using a solar powered Study Light through social networks like Twitter and Face book. Also, personally visit schools and homes to educate children, parents and teachers.  
  2. Partner – Partner with NGOs, Organizations, Government, NRIs, Volunteers and Philanthropists and where appropriate integrate OCOL mission with their social and CSR objectives.
In taking the OneChildOneLight mission forward, Thrive Solar has till date partnered with several Organizations, NGOs, Donors and Individuals (see Benefeciaries and Sponsors