How OneChildOneLight Study Lights can be charged in a school

The NiMH (Nickel-metal hydride, Wikipedia) batteries inside the Accendo Study Lights can be charged by any one of the following mechanisms:

  • A 1 watt solar panel supplied along with the Study Light
  • Any A/C mobile phone charger which is either thick pinned or thin pinned¬†
  • A customized Solar Bulk Charger, in villages and schools that lacks grid power supply. This charger which can charge 5 to 10 lights at a time in less than 2 hours can be placed at the schools. Depending on the number of Study Lights that need to be charged in a particular school, suitable charging capacity can be created. A school of 250 children would require two Solar Bulk Chargers.
In the near future, TET has plans to use the RFID technology in the Solar Bulk Chargers and create a charging and usage log, which will be used for claiming carbon credits.

Bulk Study Lights Charger in School,