Zanzibar (TANZANIA) 1000 study lights distribution by ZASEA

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REPORT of ZASEA School Programme II February to July 2012

Project Manager: Mr. Ramadhan Said Omar
Steps: Import of 1000 Lamp Sets from India, training of 5 women for assembling of the Solar LED Student Lights coming from THRIVE Energy Ltd.; 21 times ZASEA School Programme II, please read in 3 languages (German, English, Swahili).

Project One Child One Light

South-South Transfer of Solar Lamps Sets and the One Child One Light project idea from India to Zanzibar. After arrival of the lamp sets in Zanzibar ZASEA trained 5 women for assembling of the study lights. First phase of assembling study light was done during February March 2012; second phase of assembling study light followed in June.

ZASEA School Programme II:
The ZASEA School Programme II means that every school can get education in climate protection and solar technology in theory and practice during four hours lesson in morning time. Every school can get:
• • Up to 40 Solar LED Student lights for 6 USD (9.000 TSH) each lamp only at the day of School Programme.
• • 3 lamps for science teachers for free and
• • 4 books about Renewable Energies (English) or Nishati Rafiki (Swahili) for free.
Project Manager: Mr. Ramadhan Said Omar
Steps: Import of 1000 Lamp Sets from India, training of 5 women for assembling of the Solar LED Student Lights coming from THRIVE Energy Ltd. India
Project One Child One Light
Phase Month Lamp Assembling
Good lamp Repaired* lamp Total
1 Feb March, 2012 676 14 690
2 June, 2012 92 215 307
Total 768 229 997

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training ZASEA informs headmasters during their meetings about the School Programme. Headmasters discuss the opportunity of ZASEA School programme in their schools. Schools write an application to ZASEA to get
a day for Solar School Programme. ZASEA arranges dates for the school visits. The schools have to collect the money in front of the day of School Programme to give it to ZASEA at this day.
Lamps distribution to schools:
903 lamps are distributed to the 21 schools: 262 for teachers (29%), and 578 for students (64%) who paid 9.000 TSH (6 USD) per lamp. 63 out of 903 lamps for Science teachers (every school 3) as a gift 7 %). All schools and their contacts are in attachment 1.
Project implementing area:
Other uses:
The Solar School Programme II runs in close cooperation between ZASEA and the Solar Shop in neighborhood. Import and administration of lamp
assembling are under shop management. The Solar Shop got 60 of the lamps for selling for 25.000 TSH.
Spare parts: 37 lamp sets are used und rested to have spare parts. Lamp distribution of 1000 lamps (total):
ZASEA succeeded to build up picture of knowing solar energy use and it s importance for daily life development. We estimated more then 12,000 lamps (around 250 schools ) to cover the needs of poor people for clean and bright light all over the islands of Unguja and Pemba. This could initiate a market approach by using small solar technology in all areas.
Project Expenditure:

Exchange rates: The actual US dollar exchange rate used was 1$ for 1.600TSH and the Euro exchange rate is calculated with 1,22 USD for 1 Euro (like actual in Aug 2012).
Balance of expenditure and income:
Expenditures: DTP together with URBIS foundation spend the money for this Pilot range of 1000 lamp Sets. The money was distributed through ZASEA.
Expenditures for lamps: 15.885.000 TSH = 9.930 USD = 8.140 Euro.
Expenditures for School Programme:
21 Schools x 500.000 TSH = 10.500.000 TSH = 6.562,50 USD = 5.379,100 Euro
Income: 21 schools with 40 lamps each lamp for 9.000 TSH = 360.000 TSH per school and 7.560.000 TSH for 21 schools (4.725 USD, 3.873 Euro).
60 lamps sold to Kikwajuni Zanzibar Solar shop each for 15.000 TSH = 900.000 TSH (562,50 USD, 461,07 Euro).
Income total: 8.460.000 TSH = 5.287 USD = 4.33,07 Table 5
Trouble Shooting instead of Monitoring:
The planned Monitoring Plan to visit the schools every 2 month and to do the services was not executed because of shortages in human capacity of ZASEA. So the troubleshooting was done along the needs.
Ways of sending and receiving information should be improved. A shedule is needed to collect and fulfill the demand of the schools.
Expenditures TSH USD EURO
Lamps 15.885.000 9.927,91 8.137,79
School Programme 10.500.000 6.562,50 5.379,10
Total Expenditures 26.385.000 16.490,41 13.516,89
Income 840 lamps à 9.000 TSH 7.560.000 4.725,00 3.872,00
Income 60 lamps à 15.000 TSH 900.000 562,50 461,07
Total Income 8.460.000 5.287,00 4.333,07
Signed by:
Ramadhan Said Omar Andrea Karsten