Wonder at Sivappa High School

The first step Recalling my child hood experience of raising funds for various causes with enthusiasm, I thought of raising funds for OCOL through schools.

Sivappa School

After a little deliberation, I thought of breaking the ice by going to the school set up by one of my sports mentors while I was in school – Mr.M.B.Appa, fondly called Appa Sir.

Appa Sir was so thrilled to know that I was associated with such a noble cause of helping the rural and underprivileged children study in the night with the help of a Solar Study Light. We were meeting after a gap of 20 long years.

Sir has set up a high school in Nagaram ( after Cherlapally, Hyderabad ) which is on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Name of the school is Shivappa High School. Though the school has a decent 3 story building and a reasonable open ground, by virtue of its location, majority of the students are mainly from the lower strata of the society. Though he was not very confident of their children raising funds for OCOL cause, Shivappa Sir readily agreed to allow us to address the children during morning assembly.

Sivappa SchoolThe day on which we went to address the students was 26th, July’12. The next day was the day of Varalaskhmi Vratam. Students have beautifully narrated the significance of Varalakshmi vratam to the assembly. Appa Sir asked us to light up the lamp and begin the proceedings.

While we addressed the children and briefed them about the mission of OCOL they listened in rapt attention. They all cheered loudly when we announced that the highest fund raiser will get this beautiful Solar Study light and the top ten will get certificates of appreciation.

We distributed the donation forms and gave them 10 days time to submit them along with the funds they will be collecting to their respective class teacher.

Being our first outing and considering the lower profile of the students, we thought, it will be great if they could raise at least Rs.5000/-.

Sivappa SchoolFinally the day has come to collect the money and give away the Study Light and the certificates.

To our utter amazement, the children of this small school with such humble backgrounds had raised an incredible Rs.43,097/- !!!! We were dumbstruck, to say the least. For the first time , we realized the power of a vision and how it can propel ordinary individuals to accomplish extraordinary results. Kudos to these tiny little children.

A 5th, standard boy Manjunath collected the highest amount of Rs.2800/- such a marvelous stuff. If tiny tots can do so much for a better world around, just imagine what the better placed humans can do to improve the lot of less privileged children !!


Beena William , Promoter, OCOL