St.Annes High School located at Saraswathinagar, Secunderabad

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St.Annes High School located at Saraswathinagar, Secunderabad is a small school run by Mrs.Namadevan. She is a principled lady with a golden heart. Once she was presented with the details of OCOL mission, she was more than willing to help us.
She wanted us to speak on fossil fuel and conservation of energy and create awareness among the young minds about the renewable energy in general and solar energy in particular.
We went to St.Annes on 1st, Sep’12 and spent over 30 mnts with the students and faculty sharing our thoughts on conservation of energy, LED technology, Solar energy etc., and the potential of solar energy. Students were all ears and at the end of the session they were all highly charged and motivated to not only save energy but help the
needy and poor students in the villages to study in the night by raising funds for Solar LED study lights.

By 15th, Sep’12, they all raised enough funds to support around 50 students in the remote villages. We collected the money and gave away the certificates to the top ten students who raised the highest funds. The most incredible thing was that a 1st, standard student, Shalini had collected the highest funds !!