St. Gabriel’s High School - Small School…. Big deed !!!

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Motivated by the unexpected success at Shivappa School, I thought of knocking at smaller schools . Following the small boards erected on the poles, I ended up at St.Gabriel’s High School Venkatapuram, Secunderabad. It’s a small school with about 180 students. The school is located in a residential area and they have a small play ground.

The principal , Mr.Kingsly told us that majority of the students are from very poor back grounds like children of servant maids, vegetable vendors, watch men etc.,
He told us that, he himself does charity work to best of his ability. Recently he picked up the total cost of an operation which one of his ex students had to undergo which costed him Rs.20,000/-. Being a such a kind person he took instant interest in what we are trying to do at OCOL. Though he had his doubts about the ability of his students raising funds, he allowed us to address the children during assembly. The assembly went on well and the students were given 10 days time to submit the filled in forms.

This time it was the turn of Mr.Kingsly to get overwhelmed by the response of his students. They collected around Rs.13,500/- !!! which was unbelievable and least expected by the principal. Though as per our format we were to present one solar study light to the student who will raise the highest fund, the principal made a special request that the top 3 students be given the lights as the difference between them is very narrow. The student who collected the highest amount happens to be son of a vegetable vendor !!
While the top 3 fund raisers got the Solar study lights and certificates, the school gave small gifts to the top ten students along with the certificates. Ms. Jayasri from Sonata Software was kind enough to spare her time to participate in the presentation of certificates and lights to children.

Many of the children who are studying here themselves qualify to receive the lights free of cost from us. We collected the names of such deserving students for extending possible help to them in

The students of this school were encouraged so well by the principal and the teachers that even after the presentation ceremony was over …….one child raising the funds and handed over the additional money after few days taking the total fund raised by the school to Rs.15,000/-…………such a selfless gesture……truly incredible they are.

A few days after the event, Mr.Kingslay called us to inform that they would like to spread awareness about the renewable energy and solar lights in their locality and wanted us to give them leaflets so that the students can go around and create awareness……….such an amazing individual he is……..a big thank you to you Sir !!!