Education Park (Edupark) takes up OneChildOneLight initiative to provide LED Study Lights to about 1 Lakh Children

Education Park (Edupark) is an NGO based in Bhikagaon, Madhya Pradesh which works towards provision of high quality and affordable education and training in rural India. Edupark has been conceptualized to ensure improved education standards in rural areas and bring them at par with urban areas so as to provide equal opportunity to students from these areas, allowing them to compete with their urban counterparts.
In this direction, Edupark has developed the required infrastructure in Bhikagaon, in the form of a modern, well facilitated, energy efficient campus built on sustainability principles where it operates a school and provides vocational training. The campus runs entirely on solar without any connectivity to the power grid.
Having similar mission goals, to further the cause of helping students study in a safe and clean atmosphere, Edupark, has joined hands with the OneChildOneLight mission to provide the innovative Solar LED Study Lights to about 1 Lakh children.
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