Volunteer group from Ohio, USA donates OCOL Lights to the HudHud affected

A group of volunteers from Siddhi Vinayaka Utsava Committee (SVUC), Columbus, Ohio, USA went two steps ahead to help victims of the HudHud cyclone in the remotest cornets of Visakhapatnam district by distributing blankets and Solar LED Lights from OCOL. Till their intervention, no help had reached the affected families due to the unapproachable and harsh terrain of the Konam region located about 60 km away from Vizag. About 54 families, 38 in Cheemalapalli, and 18 in other villages like TM Garuvu, and Poola Garuvu located in Konam region were benefited in this yeomen effort.

OCOL appreciates this one of a kind initiative and salutes the volunteers from SVUC for this brave endeavour.