How do we recharge the study lights?

The lights can be charged through the supplied 1.0 Watt solar panel. The Study Lights can also be charged from the mains using any of the popular mobile chargers (thick or thin-pin type). Ideally the time required to charge through the mains is 2-1/2 hours whereas it takes about 6 - 8 hours on a sunny day to fully charge the light using the solar charger. Solar bulk chargers are available for schools, where at a time 20 to 50  students can charge their lights. For more information please visit our 'How OneChildOneLight Study Lights can be charged in a school' page.



  1. In case of emergency (i.e., sunlight is not available for a long time) charge light using only a genuine Nokia mobile phone charger with matching pin. Never use other types of chargers as it will damage the light and void the warranty. 
  2. A charge of 3 hrs is sufficient while using Nokia charger and irrespective of green indicator light showing. It can be disconnected after 3 hrs of charge.