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Joining hands for a social cause - Lakshit Agarwal a Engineering Student from BITS Pilani volunteers to deliver lights to needy youth from slums

Recently we received an email from a young Engineering Student, - Mr. Lakshit Agarwal, pursuing his Electrical and Electronics from BITS Pilani. His dream is to make India self sufficient in the energy sector.


School Student from Tender Feet, Hyderabad shares her view on OCOL

Small video of a school student of 3rd standard from “Tender feet who wants to help children who are struggling to study at night due to lack of proper study lighting get OCOL Solar Study Lights. The video was taken when the student was asked on what she expressed when she approached people with the idea.


Oil Lamps - Where's the slick, Whats the better alternative

India has more than 120 million (12 crores) school going children. Nearly 95% of the homes in Bihar, 87% in Jharkhand, 76% in Uttaranchal, 74% in Orissa use kerosene in homes.
Needless to say that the majority of the 120 million children in these homes have to study at the polluting kerosene wick lamp. Again they have to take their share of the lamp’s time for study with the other contending members of the family.