Awareness Event at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Uppal II, Hyderabad on 9th July 2013

We stood amidst a bunch of young and enthusiastic kids from Kendriya Vidhyalaya Uppal – II this morning. Each of them had a different expression to portray. Some seemed happy, some seemed gloomy, some seemed eager, some seemed impatient while some had a naughty smile on their face; all the kids however were alert and were curious as to what we had to say.
We had visited quite a few Kendriya Vidyalaya’s so far in the city, but uniqueness of this school was the holistic participation of the entire school. We were thrilled to address such an audience, it served as a great motivation to all of us.  Right from the students, the teachers and especially the principal were so involved. The principal Mr. Shankar was extremely co-operative. After the talk, he addressed the students and told them that he was one of those chi ldren in the villages who had no access to electricity and used a kerosene lamp to study till class 11. He said that the talk about those children, who study with the help of kerosene lamps, took him down memory lane and brought back memories. This touched the kids as well as us. He spoke about the good work that OCOL is trying to do and asked the students to help make a difference. The way the Principal reinforced that the children should come forward and contribute towards the society was highly appreciated.
While we made our way to the staffroom, a 10th std student came and approached us and enquired about our factory a s said he was interested in visiting our factory and learning more about solar power. The teachers of this school were equally involved and had queries about solar energy. They enquired about the lights and also showed interest in home lighting systems for their homes. Some of the teachers came up and asked for application forms that they had to distribute among the children, it showed how eager and encouraging they were towards such an activity.
Overall it was a great experience as a team.