Awareness Event at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Trimulgherry, Secunderabad on 6th July 2013

Kendriya Vidyalaya Trimulgherry was our next destination, a colorful Saturday. Being the sports day, the children were dressed in colors of green, blue, red and yellow. All the children lined up for their assembly and it was a great sight.
We addressed the secondary children being the older group, we focused on facts and data, and briefed them about the current scenario in which our economy is, our energy consumption rates and why there is an alarming need to conserve energy. The aspect of global warming and globalization was touched upon. It was mentioned that globalization and development was directly proportional to energy consumption, and there is an ever increasing need for energy consumption. Thus consumption is abundant, thermal power is commonly used and it is not available to us in abundance. Thus the need of the hour is to use alternate forms of energy, the most common being solar energy.
The study light was demonstrated along with its features and specifications, and the children took a lot of interest in learning about them. Also we said interested students could form a group and come to our factory and learn about how the solar panels are made and how they function.
We acquainted them to our work with the children in the rural areas who live in difficult situations. They have little or no access to education due to various reasons, darkness being one of the reasons too. We explained the hazardous attached to using kerosene lamps, where accidents due to burns are a very common phenomenon. We told them that we can address the need together, they being citizens of tomorrow. We asked them to spread the message among their family and friends and sensitize them to the issue.